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Tuesday, 8 October 2019


AT MCB We do offer some handmade items too ( when I have the time I love to make these gifts for family, friends and You!
Here are just some of what I make at the moment :
1. Scrabble tile Initial key rings - For Birthdays, Wedding favours, Birth Announcements, Baby shower Gifts, Party/Hen Do gifts, We had a massive order for SCHOOL LEAVER Sgift bags - Also these can be done in a Christmas theme for table name cards/favours. £1.00 ( 1 letter) £1.25 ( 2 letters) £1.50 ( 3 letters) WILL COMBINE FOR LARGER NUMBERS.

2. Scrabble tile key rings, Great for the men, Fathers Day, Birthdays Etc. £2.50 ( with silver gift box).

3. LOVE frames, these are VERY popular for Valentines The colour of heart & word can be customized too !! Available in White, Black or Grey frames. £9.99 including UK postage.

You can buy them here: www.mycraftybug.co.uk

Monday, 7 October 2019


Continuing with last weeks vote results ( I asked which projects you wanted me to show you between a Bottle, a Notepad & a wooden Monstera Leaf).

The vote was so close i decided to do them all.

The Monstera Leaf project can be seen in the blog below, which I received some lovely feedback on thank you.
These notepads are available in our shop at £1.75 each 


The metal embellishments packs are also available ( you get 4 packs of 4 embellishments) at a super bargain price of £2.50: 

So here's what I did with the SPIRAL BOUND LINED A6 NOTEPAD:

1. I gently removed the spiral binder from the note pad.

 2. Once removed, I gave both covers a good coat of acrylic paint using a brush and then a sponge brush. Then left to dry.

3. Once completely dry, I place the embellishments onto the pad without glue, to see which arrangement I prefferred. Once happy i glued these down using a hot glue gun.

4. Once the glue was dry ,I gave the book and the embellishments another 2 coats of acrylic paint. Covering everything completely.

5. after this coat was dry, I brushed gently over the whole pad with some purple Inka Gold Guilding Wax, let this dry and rubbed with my finger, some more Silver Guilding Wax over  JUST  THE EMBELLISHMENTS.

I was very happy with the results, I'd Created a vintage, yet whimsical notepad I can now give as a gift. 


Please leave a comment below to be put into the draw to win it !!

Crafty Hugs, Crafty Bugs xx 

Friday, 4 October 2019


Making a kitchen or plant pot trivet, A children's wall decoration/hanging and a decorative wall hanging.

These are available in the shop at £2 each and the measurements are approx:

H: 20 cm, W: 19 cm, thickness 3 mm (includes twine hanging string)

Wall decoration or Hanging:

Remove the twine, After painting the leaf green, Re attach ch to wall with appropriate wall hanging hook or pads, Or re attach the twine and hang on a wall or door.

Here's how I turned it into a trivet.

1. Remove the twine.

2. Paint the leaf green, You can use any green of choice, or if painting a few use different tones, for the best look.

I usually paint with a sponge brush, BUT on this occasion, chose a paint brush as the lines it left made the leaf look more natural and veiny.

3. Once the paint was dry ( on both sides) i used silicone and added pebbles of glue around the edges making these as uniform as I could.

You can use hot glue bobbles too for a more sturdy result.

Voila - a fantastic natural, trendy looking kettle or plant pot trivet.


Last but not least:
I added some transparent gold maple leaf stickers, (you could use any decoration including napkin or paper decoupage, add a child's name etc..)
You can even seal it with modge podge or varnish, depending how when and where your using it.

I hope you have enjoyed this "How To" please look out for our "mountain Bottle demo & a Mixed Media Note book on the way ...........
Happy crafting mu crafty bugs x x x

Wednesday, 2 October 2019


With the 2nd anniversary of my mums passing I thought I would re share this blog from almost 2 years ago xx

I would like to share with you my inspiration.
Not just behind the crafting shop and this blog but everyday.
And my inspiration is/was this lovely lady - my mum

My crafty life came to a stand still approx 4 years ago when mums COPD finally became too much for her to continue without aid and for the next 3 years I was her Carer.
She was given 12 - 18 months to live back in 2013 and she scoffed and said “ I”ll fight as long as I can and beat those odds”
well she did she managed 3 more years ! She made a bucket list and we did everything she wanted
her wish was to be at home and we fought to make this happen
mum met peacefully with the angels at 7:05 am on a cold morning last November. She fought so bloody hard and was so dignified right till the end she inspired me!!
her passing has hurt like nothing I’ve ever experienced but it gave me such drive to grab life by the ( well you know ) and take the plunge!
so I did and I started my online craft shop 4 months later in February this year.
its been my saviour and replaced the drive in me as well as helping with the money  I lost when I stopped caring for her
so thanks mum not just for this but for everything you truly are MY INSPIRATION X X 😇


With a professional end look with the fun handmade elements this kit has it all. it looks good and has a glossy finish and its easy to work with:


Everything you need is in the kit: card blanks, decoupage die cut pieces, 5 envelopes and 3d foam pads.

heres the first card which comes together with its decoupage pieces:

                                                         3d foam pads


                    Seperate the card blank from the decoupage sheet

                               Impress the fold of the card blank with a bone folder.



                              Pop out all the pieces making sure all are complete.

We used small scissors to cut the 3d pads to size. or silicone glue for very small pieces.

              Build up each layer in order before adding to main card.

                                                         Add pieces to card.
And voila !!! 4 go to quick cards !!

The whole set took around 30 mins to make and we had a sheet of foam pads left over.
and now we have a least 4 go to cards in a hurry.
We loved making this kit and highly recommend it and for AT LEAST 4 cards for £2.00 so will you!!
kit available at:


Craftiness Score *****
Time Score ***** (20 Min's)
Value for money ***** (£1.99) NOW £1 (July 2018)
Quality ***** a good crisp image 
available at: www.mycraftybug.co.uk
These stamps come in  options : but today we are working with grasses (2). the third in the pictures.

I thought this stamp was crying out for a monochrome look so here is how we made it.
Extra tools included: 
White Card
Black Card
Pearl flat back gems coloured with a Black Sharpie Pen.
Poky tool for placing gems

So firstly I stamped the image onto white card and it gave me a good,clean, crisp image.
I then mounted this onto Black glossy card, leaving  a 1.5" wide gap around the image.
I cut a wide strip of black card  to place horizontally behind the mounted image.  Once I'd added these to an A6 sized card blank as shown in top picture, I coloured in some pearl flat back gems with a Black sharpie pen and added these to finish the look.


 So to say I’ve been crafting now.... well over 10 years.... it’s great to know you can still learn something new!
And today courtesy of some you tube watching, I learnt an age old secret to getting clearer images when using embossing powders !

Yes you’ve properly guessed by now it’s talcum powder 
As picture above, I used normal, bog sandard bargain talc. (other talc products are available, other than the one pictured)

I used diamond white embossing powder on black card with grasses stamps all available at www.mycraftybug.co.uk
I put a little talc (too much for black card) you can use even
Less, onto the card before stamping and brushed the excess off.
 Apparently the talc acts as a anti static agent and stops the powder from sticking where there isn’t any glue or where grease spots from handling the paper or medium has occured.

And here are the results :the first picture used WITH TALCUM POWDER: gives a good,crisp, clear crisp image without any unwanted heat embossed areas.

The second picture used WITHOUT TALCUM POWDER: Left shadows and patches of excess powder after heating !! These are permanent and cannot be removed and can spoil the look of a project.
My fello crafters on mycraftybug facebbok page have discussed this technic, some have used it for ages and have talc bags or have made talc bags for adding talc in little amount to their projects.  Others were just as surprised as me and are going to give it a go!
I must admit I haven't heat embossed for ages and this has awakened my use of the technic again!
You may wish ( after recent reports) to use a mask when using talc, this is entirely your choice.

So I can’t believe it’s took me so long but I’ll never do it the old way again
Did you already know about this secret?? 
Let me know
Or if you didn’t try it an post your pictures here ? X