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Wednesday, 2 October 2019


 So to say I’ve been crafting now.... well over 10 years.... it’s great to know you can still learn something new!
And today courtesy of some you tube watching, I learnt an age old secret to getting clearer images when using embossing powders !

Yes you’ve properly guessed by now it’s talcum powder 
As picture above, I used normal, bog sandard bargain talc. (other talc products are available, other than the one pictured)

I used diamond white embossing powder on black card with grasses stamps all available at www.mycraftybug.co.uk
I put a little talc (too much for black card) you can use even
Less, onto the card before stamping and brushed the excess off.
 Apparently the talc acts as a anti static agent and stops the powder from sticking where there isn’t any glue or where grease spots from handling the paper or medium has occured.

And here are the results :the first picture used WITH TALCUM POWDER: gives a good,crisp, clear crisp image without any unwanted heat embossed areas.

The second picture used WITHOUT TALCUM POWDER: Left shadows and patches of excess powder after heating !! These are permanent and cannot be removed and can spoil the look of a project.
My fello crafters on mycraftybug facebbok page have discussed this technic, some have used it for ages and have talc bags or have made talc bags for adding talc in little amount to their projects.  Others were just as surprised as me and are going to give it a go!
I must admit I haven't heat embossed for ages and this has awakened my use of the technic again!
You may wish ( after recent reports) to use a mask when using talc, this is entirely your choice.

So I can’t believe it’s took me so long but I’ll never do it the old way again
Did you already know about this secret?? 
Let me know
Or if you didn’t try it an post your pictures here ? X 

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