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Wednesday, 2 October 2019


With the 2nd anniversary of my mums passing I thought I would re share this blog from almost 2 years ago xx

I would like to share with you my inspiration.
Not just behind the crafting shop and this blog but everyday.
And my inspiration is/was this lovely lady - my mum

My crafty life came to a stand still approx 4 years ago when mums COPD finally became too much for her to continue without aid and for the next 3 years I was her Carer.
She was given 12 - 18 months to live back in 2013 and she scoffed and said “ I”ll fight as long as I can and beat those odds”
well she did she managed 3 more years ! She made a bucket list and we did everything she wanted
her wish was to be at home and we fought to make this happen
mum met peacefully with the angels at 7:05 am on a cold morning last November. She fought so bloody hard and was so dignified right till the end she inspired me!!
her passing has hurt like nothing I’ve ever experienced but it gave me such drive to grab life by the ( well you know ) and take the plunge!
so I did and I started my online craft shop 4 months later in February this year.
its been my saviour and replaced the drive in me as well as helping with the money  I lost when I stopped caring for her
so thanks mum not just for this but for everything you truly are MY INSPIRATION X X 😇


  1. How lovely to hear that your mum gave you such inspiration, she will always live on, she's still here really with you and your online store watching it over making sure it's all ticking nicely <3 Beautiful story thank you for sharing x