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Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Homemade watercolour spritzers !!

As you know at mycraftybug we like to save you a few quid on your hobby.
Last week we gave you a cheaper alternative to glitter paste  and this week is the turn of:
These waterbased sprays are great for creating backgrounds - wether it’s spraying through a stencil- free hand spraying or just splodging it on the page willy-nilly,  it leaves a fantastic bespoke background for use with any paper or craft project!
Anything can be added to it: more paint, inks, embellishments, ribbons and more - NO MORE buying expensive backing papers just 3 ingredients ( And one of these is absolutely free- baring the bill!) and you’ve made it possible !
follow these simple steps to make yours.

A:  Spritzing bottles (Purchased from ebay a pack of 12 )

B:  Watercolour paints (Mine we’re in tubes and from a shop we’re everything is £1) they do not need to be specialist in any way or cost The earth- just a good array of colours, because once you start you’ll want to keep going with new colours !!

C: Water of course - completely free and from the tap!
Also you would have with you paper and a stencil if you wish.

1:  Take a spritz bottle and remove the lid

2:  Add a small drop of watercolour ( about the size of a pea) you can add more if you want you colour more richer and darker.

Then..... shake the bottle vigorously making sure all the water and paint are thoroughly mixed together - you’ll be left with a watery consistency as below

Now you have your mixed spritz -time to try it out.
As with watercolour- watercolour card or paper with give the best effects - but here I just used printer paper.
Using a stencil I lay this down on the paper and sprayed with my newly mixed spritzer colour - I removed the stencil and dried it lightly with a heat gun to save time.
the results are amazing ! I instantly have a background for a new project.

Lay stencil down on paper and spray from about 1ft away from the paper- if you’d like more bigger splats on larger areas, spray closer to page.
picture below of stencil after spraying 

Picture below with stencil still on

Great for backgrounds -try different colours- add stamping, embellishments and mixed media !
looks great 

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