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Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Homemade Glitter paste

So I love the look of glitter paste on a lot of things.
I’ve seen it used in 3D frames on paper and card projects- handmade cards as well as cotton shopper bags  and even clothes and shoes !
But isn’t it expensive ??! 
When I look for it it can start from around £10 a tub and even go up to around £30 !!!
So I needed a cheaper alternative because here at mycraftybug we like to save on craft items and tools and also give our customers and followers some great bargains and money saving tips !
So after combing through hundreds of blogs and videos I finally found a CHEAPER alternative 
so here’s how au made mine ......
Buy some heavy gel medium- in this case I used  liquitex Super Heavy Gel but you can use any as long as it dries clear :

 As well as the medium the only other things you will need are :
GLITTER - big flakes or fine flakes ! and the choice of colour is Entirely up to you. -  I used Red glitter from my local B&M STORE - the picture IS THE SAME POT BUT IN BLUE.

LOLLYSTICKS - These can be purchased from most £1 shops or craft stores or even online. Wide ones are better as they can double up as spreaders once the paste has been made - and thrown away after use.

CONTAINER/TUB - Now in this case the tub needs to be completely air tight ( As the gel medium is designed to harden ) I used a round, clip shut lid container like the one below ( picture is of a screw lid type).

1. Start by emptying an amount of the gel into the tub using your lolly stick.

2. Add twice as much ( 2 x times the amount of gel)  of glitter to the gel Or keep adding glitter as you wish If you require more bling 
 Mix with your lolly stick till you can’t see any glue - you should just be left with a coloured paste of glitter no glue.

Basically that’s it ! You’ve made your own glitter paste !

Now you need to add it to your project 
I took a stencil - laid it down on black card stock and secured with low tack tape  -  then I pushed the gel paste into the stencil and scraped with a lolly stick- and removed the stencil.
TIP:- if you cannot wait to see the end result- gently  heat the stencilled image with a heat gun 
Voila! - textured glitter paste !

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