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Wednesday, 2 October 2019


Many crafters like a bit of bling or glitter on a project, sometimes without the mess !! Personally I love glitter in all it's forms but if your looking for something to glitz a project up without bathing in glitter specks for weeks then this is the answer.
whether you' are making  scrap books , card making or creating  D.I.Y. craft projects & decorations. Dovecraft glitter glues come with a fine nozzle for precision application and are loaded with glitter for a dense colour and a bright shine. You don't need to worry about glitter getting everywhere

Glitter glue is perfect for making your own glitter gems or pearls as it settles perfectly into a dome once dry. Drop a little onto grease proof paper, a cello bag, tin foil or anything non stick and let dry, remove with a pokey tool and voila you've got your own glittery gems/embellishments. It takes a little practise so try on scrap paper first and squeeze gently and not too close to the material your popping them on. You can do as small or as large as you like.

In my demo I used the pearly white dovecraft pearl effects bottle, but you get the same results .
Once dry, the dome should settle and harden then you can pull the gem away from the cello bag or your choice of non stick material, or if your really brave you can add them straight to your project. 
These are £1 each in 5 colours or you can buy our BUNDLE PACK all 5 colours for £4 here: 

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