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Wednesday, 2 October 2019

D.I.Y FILLER ? In crafting ? .... why of course !

So we’ve all been guilty of or as I like to put it (clever at ) using everyday items in our crafting, as well as the not so usual things haven’t we?
Well tonight I decided to create something using filler !
Yes filler ! 
Your, run of the mill wall filler, the stuff I WAS going to use to fill the drill holes in my kitchen wall before painting it.
So I have seen crafters on the tv etc, using certain craft media to do this trick, but when I wanted to do it, it was late at night, so couldnt go shopping for a texture product and needed a quick and handy alternative. So I opened the wall filler.
And here’s what I did with it ..........

Firstly I took and plain mdf hanging heart, painted this a lovely pale to mid blue colour - I dabbed the acrylic colour on with a sponge to add texture straight away.

colour the shape
Colour the shape

1. Paint the mdf shape on both sides by dabbing on the acrylic colour with a sponge. 

let dry
Let dry.

2. Leave shape to dry or like me just whip over with a heat gun to save time.

add texture using filler and stencil.
Add texture using filler and stencil.

3. Using a stencil of your choosing, (In my case I cut a trellis from good thick card stock using my scan and cut and used this as a one use stencil).
Place the stencil over the mdf shape and now push the filler into the stencil using a spreader or an old cash/dredit card.
Use a baby wipe to rub away any excess filler, as this will harden later and be very difficult to remove.

Let filler dry.
Let filler dry.

4. Leave the filler to harden (see the instructions on your tub for drying times).
Or help the process along with a gently pass of a heat gun.
paint over the filler with the original colour paint.

Add Gold Painr OR Guilding wax.
Add Gold Painr OR Guilding wax.

5. Here I added Gold acrylic paint and Gold guilding wax for an antiqued look.

Texture close up.
Texture close up.

6. The finished effect is amazing !
Now for some extra embellishments...

Make embellishments.
Make embellishments.

7. Now you can make your own embellishments in  2 ways:
Either use air drying clay and a mould, or you can fill the mould with the filler (use a non sticking agent so it doesn't stick to the mould) and let dry. 
Try different ways of making embellishments, add old keys, watch parts or tissue paper, anything that will create texture.

Attach embellishments.
Attach embellishments.

8. Once again paint the embellishments and guild, so they match the rest of your project.
Attach the embellishments with hot glue or silione glue. 

Voia !
Here is the finished mix media effect mdf heart.
I love it, try it yourself try different textures, colours and embellishments the possibilities are endless. 

Thanks for reading and please visit www.mycraftybug.co.uk for crafty bargains or to ask about any of our tutorials. 
KEEP FEEDING your crafty bug!

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