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Wednesday, 2 October 2019


Peel offs don’t seem as popular these days - they don’t sell as quickly in our shop - but I still love them and want to make you excited about using them again.
So your doing a project or making a card and you need the colour of your cardstock, papers, ribbons and embellishments  to be around the same shade.
You’ve  got all the way to the end of making your card or scrapbook and now it’s ready for the finishing touches.
Usually with me this is a peel off - either depicting the age of the recipient , the name or a sentiment to finish the look
 Ut what is this? I’m making a purple themed card and all my peels offs are either Gold or Silver ! OH NO!!
Never fear this I easily solved !
using a well know brand of permanent markers this issue is solved quickly
Check out the peel off below - the butterfly is Silver and I do need it purple.

Sharpie to the rescue (other brands of market are available)
i simply colour in the peel off !

Once you coloured the peel off in let it dry which doesn’t take long and give it another colouring layer if you so wish then peel away and stick to your project !
One purple butterfly peel off to match your project 

Try it yourself x 
Why not try colouring in the gaps of peel offs too like I did below with my metallic markers.

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