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Monday, 19 March 2018

MyCraftyBug Is Born!!

www.mycraftybug.co.uk ~ your craft supplies at half the price!!

So lets start at the very beginning shall we?

My crafty bug, (MY actual crafty bug), started around ten yrs ago when the prices of buying greeting cards for my huge family became a big annoyance of mine, especially in February every one I know seems to have a birthday in February!!

On several occasion's, mainly monthly, I was exiting card shops quite a few pounds down, with a very disgruntled feeling in my head and my purse!!
Yes it's lovely to wish people well on their birthday or special occasion and to spread that Christmas cheer, but why does it has to cost the earth?

This was something I wasn't willing to keep doing and after watching a few hours of crafting t.v. whilst nursing a bad back I decided I could start making my own.
After trawling through a well known auction site, I found a lovely lady selling off her card making stash due to health issues, we agreed a price via email and  I went to her home to collect.

£60 and 20 miles later I arrived home with all the stuff I needed to start my card making journey. This lady had no idea of what she had started in me!

Approximately 4 years ago my lovely mum became ill, I took the decision to become her full time carer and this became my life for 3 years or more.
My crafting time became less and less, I didnt have the time or the energy to do any.

Last November my amazing mum passed away. It was the worst time of my life ever!!

After this I would sit in my craft room just staring at things.
The crafting block I had was enormous. I even contemplated selling everything and forgetting I'd ever crafted.
I became extrememly bored and a little broke so I  started an on line business selling costume jewellery just to curb the boredom, I didn't sell a thing!!

Then it bit me again!! THE BUG.  Yes you know the one I mean :

                                                             THE CRAFTY BUG!!

I was crafting again!!  Card after card, boxes, glitter glasses, everything I could.  I'd finally got the excitement back and of course the time.

 I was telling my dad about my boredom and how a little crafting and posting pictures of my makes on line was helping me through the grief.
Also how a little on line venture would help me in so many ways, it woould cure the boredom, help me grieve and possibly pay a few bills.
this was a conversation I'm so glad we had, I told dad I was thinking of selling clothing this time, to which dad replied " just go with what you know!" After dad had left, I admitted to myself he was a right (as most of us do) and realised what I knew most about and what enjoyed most was CRAFT!
I know Craft, I love craft and I do it everyday........ why not open a craft shop?

I did and it's been my saviour, I was and still am, determined to keep our love of hobby affordable.  I don't add massive profit margins and  I recycle postage materials to keep postage costs low too.

I strongly think we should be able to enjoy our hobby, without it breaking the bank. Meaning more crafty goodies, less money spent and more profits for those who sell their finished items.

AND SO MYCRAFTYBUG was born on the 27th February 2018 and has been doing pretty well so far!!

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